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Deadline Day

DEADLINE DAY End of day goodbyes. A minute ago we were slammed Making decisions, fixing errors. Editing and building ads And writing. Ordering lunch, walking the newshounds. Interviews hastily managed over the phone. Note taking and surfing. And making coffee, … Continue reading

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Her Fingers Tapped A Notion

Her fingers tapped a notion The paper took on words Whose meanings moved stale air A flight for typist and bird. Who flits beyond her window In a dusty attic room And gathered up its feathers To brush away the … Continue reading

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Liste de Seau 2015

Ten for 2015: Hopes, Dreams and Practicalities (All completely subjective. Sorry Universe) (Why do I hate the term bucket list? I think because it feels too Hollywood and inauthentic. No one ever said that until that movie with the dying … Continue reading

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Coming home

It’s interesting coming home after a long absence: a little surreal, and in some ways anti-climatic. Did that really happen? Did I have another life, or was that a dream? However, my time away was not quite like being deployed … Continue reading

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The Curve

I am not a Southern writer but I am writing in the south. They say Southern writers are a breed unto themselves, that they alone can tell stories whose roots are so long and strongĀ  they seem to have no … Continue reading

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