Global Tea Hut

The Global Tea Hut is a Tao & Tea magazine, all about the beauty, the culture, the growing, history and harvesting of various teas from Asia, mostly Taiwan. A nonprofit global community dedicated to promoting, cultivating tea, every month, a tin of chemical-free, fair trade tea accompanies this beautiful ad free magazine, sometimes with a little tea related gift.

I’ve always loved tea, and have long collected tea pots; one I carried home with me from the factory in China, 37 years ago. But this experience has been a revelation. A friend encouraged me to join. We were to have a tea ceremony each month.

We have yet to make that happen, yet it still serves the purpose of connecting us. I think of her each time I open the package, when I flip through the magazine and when I finally create my own tea ceremony. Joy washes over me each time I reach for one of my beloved clay tea pots to begin the process.

This is an excerpt from the October issue about this month’s featured tea, Elevation from Sun Moon Lake, in Taiwan:

“When Japan controlled Taiwan, they brought large-leaf tea seeds from Yunnan and Assam to Taiwan to stimulate a tea industry for export. The large-leaf trees thrived best in Sun Moon Lake, where they built several plantations. At the end of the war, when the Japanese left, these gardens were abandoned. Decades later, farmers started tending them again, though they had become a blend of planted and wild trees by that time.”

This is what I’m drinking. It is smooth, and tastes like harmony.

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