Grounding days

May 31

Blogathon Finale!

Oh, this makes me a little verklempt. It’s the final day of the Blogathon 2010. I have blogged everyday¬† of the month- though twice had a problem and posted late. This exercise has seriously energized me and my writing. The leadership of Michelle Rafter has been inspiring. And so many new blog friends have been made and I hope will be kept.

On that note, I’d like to dedicate this final blog (of the month) to Clementine, the sweetest puppy known to womankind. I am completely smitten, as is big, non-dog savvy husband–whose family named all their successive corgis, the same thing. Over and over. Like clones.

Clementine, 3 months

Clementine, 3 months

So today I noticed that when I’m in the garden, she wants to be too. Not just nearby, but in the same little area where I’m weeding. Fairly normal puppy behavior. I’m pretty fierce about my garden but Clem is so small she just looks at home amid the tulips.. She’s a garden pup, a real companion, which is exactly what my daughters thought when they decided to gift me this tiny terror.

My eldest in particular thought I needed grounding. It’s true that ever since I was laid off last year from my decade long job as a staff writer at a newspaper I’ve been at loose ends. A week before my dismissal my youngest was in a bad accident and spent three days in the hospital. Medical bills quickly gobbled up what savings I had, which brought me to as busted flat in Baton Rouge as I’ve ever been. (Tracy Doerr I am listening to you in my head–more of yourself on the blog).

Then in quick succession, a couple friends died, my step-father died leaving the family in uneasy togetherness, legal issues, money issues, a grieving mother….etc. etc. Then a dear friend was in a terrible accidental leaving another dear and close family grieving. Then my 14-year old best friend dog had to be put down. I spent a month away from home helping ma mere. Then I started traveling. A weekend here a weekend there.

My daughter thought I needed grounding.

So I am what I am now. A funemployed–save for freelance writing–woman of a certain age, writing all day at home, playing with a teeny puppy and tending to the home and garden. You might as well rename me Betty.

Clementine is my impetus these days. She’s already famous in town. People say things like, “I saw her on Facebook!”

That is so odd. And normal.

Look, 23-years ago my first child saved me from My Dark Half, and now it’s a bit of a hound.

Home POV May 31

See you in June

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5 Responses to Grounding days

  1. Clementine is a cutie. I’m sure she’s already wiggled her way into your heart and your life. Pets do that, don’t they? My daughter gave me a cat to go with my other two. The one she gave me looks like one I had years ago that was shot by a neighbor’s kids. Now we keep our cats indoors and only let our dog out for his walks. We live in the country with no fence (except a barbed wire one around the pasture). Plus we have coyotes, cougars, and bobcats in our area. Pets are safer indoors except in a garden like yours.

  2. danadugan says:

    thanks Caroline for checking in. I also appreciated reading some of your blog. I will be checking back in. I have aspirations to write more than just articles– but have limited time to devote to it. I hope to get on that this year, and plan on coming back for some good advice from you. Cheers!

  3. Sara says:

    What a post! Thank you for sharing, and I agree that the end of the blogathon was a strange experience. It was like…what now?

    Are those the Rocky Mountain Foothills in that photo?

  4. danadugan says:

    Hi Sara. that ridge line in the pic are the Smokey Mountains in the Northern Rockies…
    Still touching base with No2Pen. Cheers!

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