Unity is power, he said.
I loved his face,
but his laugh bothered me.
It impressed me as phoney.
And who was he anyway
to tell me about unity?

I heard my mother in my mind;
her voice sharp with knowingness.
Her eyes like pools of wet, blue experience.
Don’t lower your standards,
she said.
I believed her.
Increase the effort.

About men? I thought?
He laughed again, and I walked away.
But not before taking the brochure he offered.

Photography by Dana Scruggs

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Today’s Quote

Quote of the day:

Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.


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Help Save the Northern Rockies Music Festival

The Northern Rockies Music Festival is all about bringing great music to the Wood River Valley. For the past 38 years, this festival has thrived on the hard work of a small board that works year around to find exceptional regional and national musicians, intermix them with local artists and vendors in order to create a community event.

Photo by Carol Waller

This event has continually given local artists a chance to share the stage with bands they admire while providing the entire community with a loved and timeless event in the quintessential small town of Hailey, Idaho.

Though the event continues to be a roaring success, the costs of continuing the festival is currently unapproachable.  Without further financial support we will reluctantly have to say goodbye to the festival for the foreseeable future. But we won’t give up without a fight!

If you love music, Idaho or just have some cash to burn, please, please, please make a donation and help us keep the music alive.


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Tokhes Delight

There was a time my tush was well regarded. Construction workers whistled on the streets in New York when I sashayed by. Never mind that construction workers, who always seemed on break rather than at work, whistled at anything that sashayed. I knew, and others confirmed this notion, that what went on behind me – the bass, as it were – was choice, or as Spencer Tracy said about Katherine Hepburn in the classic flick, Pat and Mike, “cherce.” That was then. This is, as they say annoyingly, now.

They also say, ‘Aging is not for sissies.” I’ll say. To be a sissy is to have no definition, muscular or otherwise. To be a sissy is to be a wuss, I word I really dislike being called, and one I naturally overuse, BTW.

But aging is not what I want to chat about here in these hallowed pages. No. I am deep into depression regarding my formerly respected tokhes.

And what brought on this funk? Did I just get a new mirror that could reflect behind as well as in front? Was I unable to raise myself from the floor after doing sit-ups? No, it was a comment my Crossfit trainer, a darling man, uttered rather abruptly one day. While I was sweating bullets trying to do grabs, lifts, weighted squats, and knee-raises he informed me that I had a dysfunctional butt, especially the left side. Apparently my derriere has amnesia and has forgotten how to charge, enact or converse. Nevermind that I walk, run, sit, ski, squat and ride a bike perfectly well, using said rear-end. Or at least I thought I did. What I’ve been doing instead was over-using my lower back muscles for everything. Uh-oh, bring on the anti-inflammatory meds!

My nice/cross-fit trainer also told me I walked badly. He then showed me how to do it with strength and power but no sex appeal. I screwed up my face, thought about my aforesaid sashaying, and looked askance. No wiggle in my walk? No giggle in my talk? Apparently my days as a big-eyed girl are really over. Humiliation, thy name is an honest Crossfit trainer.

One leg drags, the other is stiff looking, my shoulders are rounded and I lead with my noggin. I practice walking with intention now. Saying to myself – sometimes aloud – ‘Come on, lefty’ while punching myself there. I walk with an invisible string attached to head, my chin tucked down a bit and a fork between my blades, while trying not to push out my breasts (Shut up, that’s another story).

As for my fanny, I’m determined to reconnect my neuromuscular system to the bum thing. I have let it down, and it has gone down as a result. Before it starts sliding along the floor somewhere near my heels I have work to do. So, if you see me walking around town, my cheeks clenched to within an inch of their lives – fear not –I’m not having a digestive moment but seeking to engage lefty. You can yell, ‘Go Lefty’ at me, but please don’t point at the nearest Blue Room.


First published in the Blatant County News, a section of The Weekly Sun, Hailey, Idaho


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